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This scientific research program is channeled and administered by BioFuture Panama and distributed as a unit made up of subgroups called Thematic Interest Groups (GIT's) that manage the development of scientific theories, with space-time continuity that relates its members to the society according to an initial plan of our common objective (Scientific development focused on environmental problems taking into account the communities surrounding scientific development as the main actor) , this facilitates the theoretical approach and systematization; These qualities lead us to consider as a group that the research is carried out according to the principle of problem networks or scientific communities, for which we will manage under the conception of Research Programs (New Faces of Science), which will allow to confer on it a collective organizational character to investigative action, in addition to promoting interdependent action in the production of knowledge and generational renewal. From this perspective, a feasible organizational structure was designed (taking into account the current regulations of our country on access to genetic resources and biodiversity records), where the Programs constitute the Basic Unit of BioFuture Panama in Research, which may contribute to that the research activity is conceived in a comprehensive way, where reflective theory and praxis complement each other and thus consolidate a short-term scientific culture within our organization, creating a snowball effect at a national level.

Frequent questions?


A. BioFuture Panama, together with the Jujuná Biological Station and the private Nature Reserve, las oropendolas support students and scientists who carry out research related to our purpose of conserving the forests of the Bunrogándi Reserve. Students and researchers are able to see the results of their research through the efforts made at Bunorgándi and share it with a network of researchers associated with our organization. These visitors form a very important part of our community and make great contributions to the work of our organization.


We require:

  • Ability to speak Spanish or English

  • Submit a Preliminary Project in project idea format

  • Minimum investigation time 4 months  

  • Specify how you will use the collected data (thesis, project, report, etc.).

  • Have an Advisor in case of being students, if you do not have BioFuture you could assign one.


Those who participate:

  1. Students

  2. Scientists

  3. teachers  

  4. NGO

  5. foundations 


What we support:

  1. field guides

  2. work space

  3. scientific advisers

  4. Rural Lodging

  5. Electric power


Final Year Students, Independent Researchers.


3 months clock after submitting the project idea.

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Download the project idea form.

Once filled out, send to:

Direct submission of idea press the following button:

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