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BioFuture Panama is characterized by the development of research, sustainable development approaches, and the interrelation of environmental science and entrepreneurship in community sectors.


Currently, the Biological Sciences Association BioFuture Panama has 7 conservation programs, one of them its flagship Program (New Faces of Science) that focuses efforts on the transfer of scientific information to generational renewal.

GIT's program

Inspiring Creative Minds Program

Adopt Program

SCARLA program

Natural Selection Program

Inspiring People Program

Community participation

The complex mission of protecting, conserving and channeling the use of natural resources and the environment, as well as trying , applying and enforcing legislation and a set of strategic measures to condition and determine the contribution and scope of the public and private sector. The complement to this dynamic is achieved with the opening of spaces for participation, where social contribution constitutes the cross-cutting axis of all human action.

New Faces of Science

Environmental education

It is aimed at solving environmental problems, taking into account the relationship that exists between people plus the environment and is not limited solely to considering the environment as the physical space where a certain behavior occurs.

Forest Conservation

The conservation of forest biological diversity, including forest genetic resources, is essential to sustain the productive values of forests, to maintain the health and vitality of forest ecosystems, and thus maintain their protective and environmental functions.

Conservation of Marine species

Environment policy

Scientific development focused on environmental issues, taking into account as the main actor the communities surrounding scientific development as a missing link in conservation.

It is necessary that we take action on the health of the seas and reconsider our activities as humans in relation to it, developing controlled activities so as not to affect this environment, we must reduce the discharge of sewage, industrial waste, solid waste, order occupation of its beaches and create areas to protect its biodiversity.

The national environmental policy constitutes the set of measures, strategies and actions established by the State, conditions and determines the behavior of the public and private sector, of the economic agents and of the population in general, in the conservation, use, management and exploitation of the natural resources of the environment.

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Protecting the most threatened species in Panama

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